Assistant Professor
Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU)
luzhichaocn [at]

Zhichao Lu received his B.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Michigan State University, USA, in 2014 and 2020. He was a member in the COIN Laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Kalyanmoy Deb, where he studied bilevel optimization, multi-objective optimization, and neural architecture search.

His general research interest is Evolutionary Computation based learning and optimization. His current research focuses on developing efficient and automated ML/DL algorithms and systems, with an overarching goal of making AI accessible to everyone.

Recent News
Selected Research
Neural Architecture Transfer
Zhichao Lu , Gautam Sreekumar, Erik Goodman, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Kalyanmoy Deb, Vishnu N. Boddeti
TPAMI, 2021  
arXiv / video / code

Improve practical utilities of neural architecture search through many-objective optimization, iterative surrogate modeling, and transfer learning.

NSGANetV2: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Surrogate-Assisted Neural Architecture Search
Zhichao Lu , Kalyanmoy Deb, Erik Goodman, Wolfgang Banzhaf, Vishnu N. Boddeti
ECCV, 2020   (Oral Presentation)
arXiv / video / code

An efficient multi-objective neural architecture search framework. It can be easily integrated with most of search spaces.

MUXConv: Information Multiplexing in Convolutional Neural Networks
Zhichao Lu , Kalyanmoy Deb, Vishnu N. Boddeti
CVPR, 2020  
arXiv / video / code

A novel convolutional layer designed through neural architecture search to improve both parameter and FLOPs efficiency.

NSGA-Net: Neural Architecture Search using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Zhichao Lu , Ian Whalen, Vishnu N. Boddeti, Yashesh Dhebar, Kalyanmoy Deb, Erik Goodman, Wolfgang Banzhaf
GECCO, 2019   (Oral Presentation, Best Paper Award)
arXiv / video / code / extended abstract (invited by IJCAI '20)

An evolutionary multi-objective search algorithm for evolving DNN architectures automatically.